Have you dreamed of publishing your own book?

Why Should You Publish With Personal Transformation Press?

1. HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW PUBLISHING? We started out as authors and editors so we know the pitfalls and the boulders that are in the path of a beginning author. We learned the business from doing it and experiencing what you face trying to get your book published. We are not printers who decided to become publishers or business managers who saw an opportunity. We began publishing our own books because we could not find a publisher that could meet our timelines or pay us a reasonable return.

2. SHOULD YOU GO VANITY? Plenty of vanity publishers tell you that you could be a best selling author, and all you need to do is pay them $ 15,000.00 and they will print 1,000 to 3,000 copies of your book. They tell you they will help you get your book to the market. The question is will they do a good job? And there are Print-On-Demand publishers who will print anything you submit. The result? Poorly edited, poorly laid out, unprofessional disasters that look self published.

3. WOULD YOU RATHER WRITE BOOKS OR RUN A BUSINESS? Personal Transformation Press was born in 1997 initially to publish Art Martin's series of books. Then, building on our extensive experience as writers and editors, we opened up our list to other writers who were not able to find a publisher who would publish their book. Not only that they had no experience in marketing books. Would you rather write books or run a publishing business to sell them?

4. WOULD YOU LIKE FULL CONTROL OVER YOUR BOOK? You will with our program. The large publishing houses give you no say at all. In fact they may rewrite your book for you; vanity presses will give you little or no guidance. We strive to balance your wants and needs as an author and your authority in your field with what we know about the book business. And we make our team of editors and book designers available to at hourly rates you could not otherwise negotiate. Vanity and POD publishers charge you a flat fee for their services.

5. DO YOU WANT TO MAKE 100% OF THE COVER PRICE? When books are distributed through the trade, we must give at least 55% discount to the wholesaler. That means you receive only $6.75 for a $15.00 book when we sell through wholesalers, $9.00 when sold through book stores. With us, you can sell your books directly at lectures, seminars, workshops and from your website because you own the books. You do not have buy your books from us at a discount.

6. DO YOU WANT TO STACK THE ODDS IN YOUR FAVOR? The odds of even outstanding books getting published are remote. Consider these statistics:

  • Every year, 350,000 manuscripts are submitted to publishers but only 140,000 make it through initial screening.
  • Major publishers initially screen out 95 out 100 manuscripts they receive. Of those that get through, only 2 or 3 are finally published.
  • Of the books they publish, publishers expect 1 out of 10 to make it to good seller status, and only 1 out of 100 to make it to best seller status.

Publishing with Personal Transformation Press guarantees that your book will published while delivering an outstanding professional product you can market. With a quality book in hand you are on your way to success. When you sell a significant number of books a major publisher might consider your book. Many best sellers have started out this way.


PITFALL #1: EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION. Wholesalers do not want to deal with single-title publishers unless your book is selling well, and full service distributors will want the exclusive right to distribute your books. For this they take up to 80% of the cover price. If the distributor does not perform for you, and you try to recover your rights, you find yourself locked in, unable to get your books back. Or if the distributor decides that your title is non-performing, you may become one of the many tragic stories of authors who have had to buy their books back to avoid being dumped into remainders. If this happens your book is out of print as no one will distribute it again.

PITFALL #2: ONE-SIDED PUBLISHING CONTRACTS. Some publishers will force you to sign a contract that locks you in for all future books you may write, with no escape clause. We meet people who have had to resort to pen-names to write future books.

PITFALL #3: SO-CALLED "EXPERTS". If you self-publish, you still need to find a good editor, a skilled book designer, and an artist who can design an eye-catching cover. Then you need to find a book printer that is the best match for your book at a rate you can afford. As in any business, charlatans abound who talk the talk but don't walk their talk . But once they've taken your money, they don't deliver and you must either pay another editor and republish your book (doubling your costs) or walk away and learn your lesson the hard way. Our editors and designers have produced hundreds of beautiful books over two decades, each time, putting their professional reputation on the line. Some of the books have sold very well.

PITFALL #4: THE TRACK RECORD "CATCH-22". Getting accepted by wholesalers is difficult unless you have a track record. But how do you get a track record unless you can get your books into book stores, when the stores will not buy direct from a self-publisher?