Have you dreamed of publishing your own book?

Submission Guidelines

Please contact us first by e-mail (preferred) or by phone or letter. We do not accept any unsolicited manuscripts. They will not be returned to you either. We must know that you are sending us a manuscript, a book or a proposal in advance.

In order to begin the process of evaluation and estimating, we prefer the manuscript to be submitted electronically (via email) as a word-processing file or files, ideally in Microsoft Word format. Use standard defaults for margin widths (top, bottom, left and right). Single-spaced 11 or 12 pt is preferred. Avoid all other formatting, such as special headings and chapter titles (this will be stripped out and reapplied in PageMaker, so you're wasting your time).

If this is not possible, You can send a CD or a floppy disc by mail. We will take hardcopy, but expect additional costs down the line for scanning the text into word-processing format.

If the full manuscript is not yet available, submit sample chapters so that we can at least begin the estimating process.


The two main rights in publishing are:

· Copyright, which protects your expression of conceptual material. You cannot copyright the concept, but only your unique means of expressing it. Copyright remains yours for up to 75 years.

· Publishing rights, which conveys to a publisher the right to set out your manuscript in book form, for sale into the outside world, for a financial consideration.

For publishing to happen, an author must convey publishing rights to the publisher, which authorizes the publisher to begin work. This conveyance of rights is detailed in a Publishing Agreement between author and publisher. It typically covers:

· Actual rights being conveyed

· Performances expected by author and publisher

· Assignment between author and publisher of costs and revenue stemming from book sales

· Secondary rights, e.g., magazine serialization, movie deals.

1. We do not buy rights to books. You retain the rights.

2. When you publish your book with many publishers you give them the publishing rights for the benefit of having them publish your book. If the book does not go or they do not give your book the proper promotion they could drop it and you may have buy your publishing rights back plus all the books they printed so they are not sold to a remainder dealer.

3. We must have the publishing right to the book. If you publish with us we do not want to have a legal battle with someone else who informs us they are publishing your book too.

4. Anytime you want to cancel your contract with us give us 60 days notice and you will have your publishing rights returned to you. We will cancel all the listings with wholesalers, bookstores and online web book distributors and return any books that are stocked by these companies to you.

5. If you just want an edited printed book for your use to sell or give to your clients or friends, sell at workshops and seminars we can publish a book for you with your name etc. Our imprint will not appear in the book and there will be no ISBN number. Handling it this way will give you a professionally edited book which could be published for distribution if you decide to do so.