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Anthology Project
"Recovering Your Lost Self" Series

The Concept

For over ten years, I had the title Recovering Your lost Self on my mind and in my computer. I kept telling myself that I was not ready to write this book as I had not yet uncovered all the limitations and road blocks to inner peace. In 2003, I finally realized I was coming to the point of peace, happiness and self-confidence within myself, and committed to write this book during 2004.

I planned to write just one book that would detail the process by which I recovered my lost self. However, that proved to be just a beginning. After listening to a teleconference with Denise Michaels during Enlightened Millionaire Institute teleconference on writing a best-seller book proposal she suggested we consider writing an anthology. I realized then "Recovering Your Lost Self" should be a series, each one focusing on recovery from different life challenges, written not just by me but also by others with inspiring recovery success stories. Since I had recovered my lost self it was time to help others to do the same by illustrating how many people had overcome their life challenges with the authors who had the experience.

What Makes Anthologies Sell So Well Now?

Ten years ago when Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield were looking for a publisher for their Chicken Soup for the Soul series, there were no takers. They were turned down by all the major publishers and most of the small publishers. Even their literary agent gave up hope of marketing their books, so they began pounding the pavement themselves. Eventually, they found a small publisher at Book Expo America who was willing to take a chance. Ten years later, anthology books are all the rage in publishing, and sales of the Chicken Soup series has reached almost 100 million.

As global stability crashes and burns, people are looking for inspiration and uplifting success stories from their peers, not from some academic "authority" in the field. There is much wisdom and solace in the stories of ordinary people, and teachers throughout the ages have taught by telling stories. People are looking for answers on how to escape their feelings of despair, depression and loss of sense of self. In some cases it maybe the chaos and confusion had caused them to escape into a virtual reality by reading books. Even if they get into the illusion of the story to escape their own feelings they are experiencing how another person was able to overcome the obstacles in their life. If we ourselves have not yet overcome the obstacles and limitations in our life, we can benefit from those who have gone through the same experiences before us and overcame them. We can easily relate, and we can find ourselves in the stories of other travelers on life's highway. Just one story in an anthology of 50 can be exactly what we need to inspire us. There are literally thousands of stories out there of people who have overcome challenges and broken the barriers that have freed them from the past and succeed in finding peace, happiness, harmony, joy, love and financial abundance. Is your story one of them?

The Series

Recovering Your Lost Self from adversity will be an anthology of inspiring stories from people who have overcome challenges and will tell the success stories of those who have overcome hardships of various kinds and gone on to realize and live their dreams. Stories abound of people who have broken the barriers that trapped them from succeeding in their life.

Other anthologies in the series will be: Recovering Your Lost Self from Alcohol Abuse, Recovering Your Lost Self from Drug Abuse, Recovering Your Lost Self from Relationship Abuse, Recovering Your Lost Self from Eating Disorders and Recovering Your Lost Self from child abuse low self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, and fear of failure programmed into them by their early caregivers. The stories will briefly review the past and then explore how the authors overcame the challenges, blocks.

Whether you are already a published author or a novice writer seeking to make the first step, others will be helped by your story of how you recovered your lost self. Your story may have been published in the past, but not in this particular format. Successful people have many stories to tell of how they overcame their challenges that led to their success.. If you are a published author you may want to help a new writer become an author and break the publishing barrier by participating in this series.. Contribute your story with a different concept. How did you recover your lost self? This may provide just the key that helps someone else who is trying to step out of victim consciousness.

We all have books in us but may not have the courage to write because we feel " people may not want to hear my story" If you participate with other writers who have succeeded you can you can break the barrier. You can be a best seller too.

And don't worry if you're not a Pulitzer Prize-winning author; our professional editors take care of the editing for you, so just get your story into your computer and e-mail it to us.. Just tell your story in about 1,000 words and submit by e-mail, anonymously if you wish. We will collate the stories into categories, edit for Grammar, context and length, and create a series of professionally published books and e-books, Later in the project we record them in audio format on CD's and tapes for those who feel they do not have time to read books.

Submission Requirements

In about 1,000 words (longer stories may be submitted but we reserve the right to edit), present your inspiring story of how you successfully overcame your life challenges, and restored balance in your life on your path to success.. Ensure you clarify:

· Initiating trigger-catalyst (e.g., job loss, health crisis, death of a loved one etc.), or whether the situation slowly escalated until you recognized the situation you were in.

· The wake-up call that forced you out of denial and made you confront the problem

· How you went about recovery (e.g., self-help books, therapy, seminars, AA meetings) and any other person who helped you or taught you a valuable lesson. Your story of working with a mentor who guided you through. Some people just "get it" and wake up.
How did you accomplish your wake up call?

· Any stumbles or back-slides along the way to recovery and how you felt about them

· Hopeful signs that you were turning a corner (e.g., People were recognizing your progress and supporting you, Money was starting to come to you, success at achieving some of your goals, feeling like you have a break through in becoming a winner instead of a loser, being able to fit into a smaller dress size or pants, your first anniversary of being sober, recognizing and accepting that you created it all knowing that you overcome and change anything.)

· Crowning moment of elation when you finally knew you had recovered . You know who you are and reclaimed your personal power and took responsibility for your life being able to accept self love and receive love and forgive others… and how you plan to stay there and live your dreams of success. Or how you are living your dreams now that you are at your destination.

Please follow our guidelines as given above. Do not send your life story! We must have a specific targeted incident or experience which will depict your story how you recognized the lesson, and what steps you took to recovery to gain success. In your story lay out how you ended up in your situation. What you learned that brought you out of it, and how you learned from your experince so the reader can apply your teaching in their life.

If you have two or more stories, e.g., recovery from alcohol abuse and leaving an abusive relationship, split them up because they will go in different books. You can submit as many stories as would like to providing they will be slotted into different books.

Finally, do send your story to us in a MS word file (.DOC or .RTF file). Do not send zipped files, PDFs, CDs, or hardcopy by mail. We will not accept hard copy that has to scanned. We will notify you of your acceptance and send you an edited draft of your story for your approval. Please review and return with any corrections.

Please send your article to our editorial dept. at TJpublish@aol.com As a guard against viruses if you send an attachment with your email back to us please use “Anthology Article” as the subject line so we will know what it contains. We do not open attachments unless we know what they are.

Each contributor selected for publication will receive a portion of net proceeds (sales price less production and printing costs). If you wish, you can participate in the promotion and sales, too. . You can donate your share to a charity of your choice, take it as income or you can leave it "in the pot" to defray costs of future volumes. You will receive 100 books to sell or give away in any way you choose. If you would rather we sell them, we will credit your account and send you a check when they are sold. You can also buy more copies at our cost (say, $1.50 to $3.00 depending on the press run volume).

We will set up major e-mail, direct mail and PR campaigns to strive for a number one best seller on amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com and through bookstores.

We also invite authors to contact Personal Transformation Press about collaborating with us to write more books and/or suggest new titles on this subject and work with us either individually or as a group.

Thank you for contribution to our project.
Art Martin
Publisher Personal Transformation Press