Have you dreamed of publishing your own book?

Our Niche as a Publisher

We are a cooperative publisher. That means that we publish your book under the umbrella of our imprint (Personal Transformation Press), with you picking up the tab for editing, layout and design, and printing. We specialize in short-run publishing for new authors who need help and guidance to get their books in print, but want to avoid that deadly "self-published look."

We do not charge fees for submission or registration. We will evaluate your manuscript or book at no charge, although you may request an optional book report for a fee of $100. We work with you to map out the publishing project, based on where you want to take it. We will prepare estimates for each step of the way, and you pay for services as they are provided. Interim work products are returned to you for approval, so there are no surprises down the line.

Most new authors do not have "big money" to publish their book so we fit a niche for them. With an initial short run (up to 500 books), you get some return on your investment so you can afford a longer press run in the future. Even though we list ourselves as a short run publisher, we have published any number of books that the market demands because we also work with large printing houses that can print hundreds of thousands of books, just in case you write a best seller.

As part of our pledge to return value to the publishing industry, we go to great lengths to educate you about all aspects of the process. We have produced many booklets covering different aspects of publishing and make these available to you.