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ISBN, Library of Congress, RR Bowker

International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

The U.S. ISBN Agency is responsible for assigning an ISBN Publisher Prefix to publishers operating within the U.S. and publishing their titles within the U.S. The agency subcontracts this work to R.R. Bowker. An ISBN uniquely identifies a book and is essential for tracking the book through the trade.

The 10-digit ISBN falls into four parts: 9-999999-99-9 or 9-9999999-9-9. The four fields are:
1.  9 = value of 0 or 1 for U.S. publishers
2.  999999 or 9999999 = 6-digit or 7-digit unique publisher number. Ours is 891962.
3.  99 or 9 = book number within the publisher's list. Publishers with larger lists opt to purchase a block of 100 numbers and are assigned a 6-digit publisher number. Smaller publishers may opt for only 10 numbers and are assigned a 7-digit publisher number.
4.  9 = check digit to ensure accuracy.

In order to automate book identification, the ISBN also appears in barcode form, usually on the back page. It is also usual to "extend" the ISBN barcode by adding the price. (In the U.S., this is preceded by a "5" to signify U.S. dollars.

ISBN sample

Library of Congress

We can submit your book to Library of Congress

The Library of Congress serves as the research arm of Congress, and maintains archives of almost 128 million items, including 30 million books. In order to make printed materials available and useful to the American people, the Library prepares Cataloging-In-Publication to be placed on a book's copyright page. This helps librarians place the book on the shelves. It is recommended if you envision a high volume of sales to libraries.


Copyright is a form of legal protection provided by the laws of the United States (title 17, U.S. Code) to the authors of "original works of authorship," including literary and other intellectual works, regardless of whether published or unpublished. It gives the owner of copyright the exclusive right to reproduce the work, to prepare derivative works based upon the work, and to distribute the work to the public for sale.

The moment an idea is expressed tangibly, such as being written on paper, the creator has copyright protection. For works of value, however, such as your manuscript, you may wish for more protection, such as sending a copy into the Library of Congress Copyright Office. For a $30 fee, the Copyright Office will register your copyright as of the date received. (This is done less frequently, since the 1976 Copyright Act declared that any tangible expression is protected.)

Books In Print

The Books In Print program, administered by R.R. Bowker, is a huge database of available books, used by librarians, booksellers, publishers and book buyers. In addition to the printed listing of books, the CD-ROM and online versions offer powerful searching capabilities that include checking stock availability with wholesalers and bookstores, and answering complex queries.

Prior to publication, a book may also be listed in Forthcoming Books In Print. The Hot New Releases section lists street dates for the most anticipated new releases, and the Subject Spotlight lists what's coming out in a given subject area.