Have you dreamed of publishing your own book?

Publishing FAQ

How much will it cost to edit my book?

Editing is an enormous variable, based largely on how good a writer you are. If the manuscript has already been professionally edited, all our editors need do is spot-checking to ensure consistency. This will take a couple of hours and cost around $100. At the other end of the scale, the manuscript may need total rewriting, taking a week and costing a couple of thousand dollars. Obviously, most projects will fall somewhere in the middle.

How long does the publishing process take?

We can go from a manuscript in a word-processor to being printer-ready in as little as a month, depending on such factors as how much editing is involved, whether diagrams and/or photographs are involved, and how quickly you return proofs. After that, short-run printing takes about two weeks; conventional printing takes five weeks. In both cases, allow another week for shipping.

Do you send books to wholesalers or do I?

It depends on where we warehouse the books. If at our site, we will arrange for books to be shipped to wholesalers and online services such as Amazon.com. If at your site, you would be responsible. If we use a third-party fulfillment service, we would instruct the service to ship books.

How do we handle retail orders?

The same applies as with wholesale shipping. If we take orders via our toll-free 800 number or from our website, and we warehouse the books, we handle that and charge you a handling fee. This also applies to a third-party service. Or you could get your own 800 number and handle things yourself. It all depends on how involved you want to be in the shipping process.

Do you provide an ISBN?

Yes. Because your book would be published under our imprint, it must carry our unique 6-digit publisher number.

Who does the marketing?

Because we are not primarily a marketing organization, we look to our authors to engage in as much marketing as they can. There are many low-cost marketing strategies, such as appearing on radio talk shows, arranging book-signings, writing articles for magazines and websites, and getting on the speaker circuit for your area of specialty. Occasionally we will run a co-op ad, whereby the cost is apportioned across participating authors.

Do you publish all types of books?

We specialize in the genres of inspirational, self-help, spiritual and healing books, so ideally your book will fit right in. We would dissuade children's book authors because we have no experience in marketing that genre, and we would never entertain anything with negative energy.